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      action heroines; audience research; feminism; post-feminism; visual metaphors [1]
      activism; content analysis; outcomes; social movements; success [1]
      American exceptionalism; Message effects; National identity; Presidential discourse [1]
      Andrew Wakefield; Controversy; Expertise; Jenny McCarthy; Rhetoric of Science; Vaccines [1]
      Anti-intellectualism; Campaign discourse; Political rhetoric; Senate campaign [1]
      apple; journalism; Mike Daisey; paradigm repair; public sphere; truth [1]
      Asian American studies [1]
      Asian Americans; audiences; popular culture; resistance; social media [1]
      Asian/American Studies; Audience Research; Intercultural Communication; masculinity; transnationality [1]
      Branding; Celebrity; Consumer Culture; Cultural Authority; Expertise; Race [1]
      Campaign; Collective action; Culture; Digital; Social media; Social psychology [1]
      Cancer; Caregivers; Expressive Writing; Social Support; Well-being [1]
      Caregiving; Children with disabilities; Cortisol; Emotional support; Social support; Stress [1]
      China; framing; hyperlink network analysis; narratives; social movements; Tibet [1]
      China; language policy; organizational culture; speech code [1]
      Citizenship Engagement; L'Aquila; Italy; Locality; Rhetorical Topography; Rhetoric of Resistance; Science on Trial [1]
      Civic Engagement; Deliberation; Evaluation; Initiative Elections; Political Efficacy; Public Sphere [1]
      civic engagement; democracy; digital media; news media; Tea Party; the public [1]
      civic technology; communication and technology; innovation studies; organizational communication; process analysis; value sensitive design [1]
      Communication [34]