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    • Extracting Knowledge from Twitter and The Web 

      Ritter, Alan L. (2013-11-14)
      The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, leading to a constant flood of text in electronic format, including the Web, email, SMS and the short informal texts found in microblogs such as Twitter. This presents ...
    • Leveraging Knowledge Bases in Web Text Processing 

      Lin, Thomas (2013-04-17)
      The Web contains more text than any other source in human history, and continues to expand rapidly. Computer algorithms to process and extract knowledge from Web text have the potential not only to improve Web search, but ...
    • Open Question Answering 

      Fader, Anthony
      For the past fifteen years, search engines like Google have been the dominant way of finding information online. However, search engines break down when presented with complex information needs expressed as natural language ...