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    • Interactive In-Situ Scene Capture on Mobile Devices 

      Sankar, Aditya
      Architectural visualizations of indoor scenes enable compelling applications in several areas, such as real estate, interior design, cultural heritage preservation, and more recently, immersive virtual reality. Computer-Aided ...
    • Reconstruction and Visualization of Architectural Scenes 

      Kushal, Avanish
      Can we experience a scene virtually, such as the Colosseum in Rome, without ever having to visit it? Such an experience should replicate the feeling of being physically present, in terms of being able to visualize the scene ...
    • Unstructured Image Mosaics 

      Garg, Rahul (2012-09-13)
      Image mosaics stitch photos into a single composite with a wide field of view. They are easy to create and can be panned by dragging the mouse, thus enabling simple and effective photorealistic visualizations. However, ...