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      3D modeling; animation; graphics; interaction; tracking; vision [1]
      3D reconstruction [1]
      3D Reconstruction; Path Planning; Rendering; Stereo; Structure From Motion [1]
      3D scene modeling; multi-view stereo; structure from motion; visualization [1]
      3D-printing; Anthropomorphic robotic hand; Biomimetics; dexterous manipulation; Teleoperation; Underactuation [1]
      ABM; Agents; GPU; MASS; Multi-agents; Simulation [1]
      abstract data type [1]
      Abstraction; Basis Function; Dead end; Markov Decision Process; Planning Under Uncertainty; Stochastic Shortest-Path MDP [1]
      Accessibility [1]
      active learning; machine learning; submodular functions [1]
      Activity / Action Prediction; Activity / Action Recogniton; Automated Diagnosis; Daily Living Activities; Egocentric / First Person Vision; Video Analysis [1]
      algorithms; scheduling [1]
      Anomaly Detection; Curbstoning; Interviewer Fabrication; Machine Learning; Surveys [1]
      API discovery; automated grading; end-user programming; programming by example; programming languages; program synthesis [1]
      Applied mathematics [1]
      approximate computing; compilers; computer architecture; probabilistic programming; programming languages; type systems [1]
      Approximate Computing; Energy efficiency; Quality of Result [1]
      approximations; big data; fuzzy rough set; machine learning; MPI; Spark [1]
      Array Data Storage; Array Data Versioning; Database Applications; Database Management Systems; Iterative Array Processing; Scientific Computing [1]
      Artificial Intelligence [1]