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  • Guillory, Andrew Russell (2012-09-13)
    Active learning is a machine learning setting where the learning algorithm decides what data is labeled. Submodular functions are a class of set functions for which many optimization problems have efficient exact or ...
  • Huang, Yanping
    This dissertation investigates the computational principles underlying the brains’ remarkable capacity to perceive, learn and act in environments of constantly varying uncertainty. Bayesian probability theory has suggested ...
  • Lai, Kevin Kar Wai (2014-02-24)
    The availability of RGB-D (Kinect-like) cameras has led to an explosive growth of research on robot perception. RGB-D cameras provide high resolution (640 x 480) synchronized videos of both color (RGB) and depth (D) at 30 ...
  • Artzi, Yoav
    Robust language understanding systems have the potential to transform how we interact with computers. However, significant challenges in automated reasoning and learning remain to be solved before we achieve this goal. To ...

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