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    • Three Essays on Government Health Expenditure 

      Dieleman, Joseph L. (2013-07-25)
      In 2010, governments spent over $4.05 trillion on health. This is 7% of the world economy. This dissertation measures the health outcomes achieved by this spending, how this spending changes upon the receipt of health ...
    • Three Essays on Land Rights, Labor Mobility and Human Capital Investment in China 

      Wang, Dan (2013-07-23)
      The dissertation explores how institutional features of the Chinese economy impact the welfare and behavior of Chinese households. The first two chapters investigate the economic implications of varying land security in ...
    • Time Scale Macroeconometrics 

      Lundberg, Clark C.
      The central focus of this dissertation is to develop robust econometric methods to identify and learn about the effects of time horizon on economic relationships. The first chapter provides a broad overview of some of the ...