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    • Beliefs, Choice Structure, and Human Capital Investment 

      Huntington-Klein, Nicholas Chandler
      The decision to pursue a college education has extensive economic implications, and economists have studied this decision for decades. However, the current economic approach to educational choice oversimplifies the decision, ...
    • Essays on Family Law and the Family 

      Wong, Ho Po
      Abstract: This dissertation consists of three essays on the effect of changes in family law in the United States since the divorce revolution in the 1970's on household outcomes. Essay 1: "When Homemakers are Compensated: ...
    • Essays on Policy Evaluation 

      Huang, Shih-Ting
      This dissertation evaluates the effects of tax policies on fertility and on women’s return to work and effects of land policies on women’s empowerment. In the first chapter, I study the impacts of the introduction of the ...