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    • Essays on Nonprofit Competition 

      Bose, Bijetri
      The predominant objective of this dissertation is the analysis of competition among nonprofits in a market. The focus is on exploring nonprofit behavior in markets in which they demand revenue from various sources. Chapters ...
    • Essays on Policy Evaluation 

      Huang, Shih-Ting
      This dissertation evaluates the effects of tax policies on fertility and on women’s return to work and effects of land policies on women’s empowerment. In the first chapter, I study the impacts of the introduction of the ...
    • Pensions and Household Saving in The United States 

      Chang, Fei-Chien (2012-09-13)
      The goal of this research is to examine the effects of employer-provided pensions and Social Security on household saving in the United States. Current interest has intensified because of increasing concerns about insufficient ...