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    • Essays in International Finance 

      Lee, Dong
      This dissertation consists of three chapters. The first chapter, "What Makes a Commodity Currency?", looks at real exchange rate behavior of developing countries that depend heavily on commodity exports. A primary purpose ...
    • Essays on Macroeconomic Growth: The Role of Human Capital 

      Mitra, Aditi (2012-09-13)
      This paper analyzes the effects of technological change on growth and inequality in a two-sector endogenous growth model. The first two chapters consider two variations of the time path of the shock - discrete and gradual. ...
    • Essays on Social Capital and Economic Growth 

      Rai, Sumant (2013-02-25)
      In this thesis we present three models to analyze the dynamic relationship between social capital and economic growth. Throughout it is assumed that social capital increases with socialization while it decreases with labor ...