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      All About Me Books; Family Transition Tool; High-Intensity Transition Tool; Kindergarten Transition; Preschool Transition; Transition Books [1]
      Alternative High School; At-risk Youth; Dropout Reengagement; Dual Enrollment; Gateway to College [1]
      American history [1]
      American Indians; Graduae education [1]
      anti-bias; culturally relevant; ethnic identity; preschool [1]
      Anxiety; English Language Learners; Language hierarchy; Mainstreaming; Motivation [1]
      Art education [2]
      Asian American outcomes; Career development; Gifted education; Immigrant education; Mental health; Parental expectation [1]
      Asian American studies [4]
      Asian American women; critical race feminism; Intersectionality; leadership; microaggressions; microresistance [1]
      Assessment; Choice; Inquiry; Motivation; Pedagogy; Social Studies [1]
      assessment; early childhood; early literacy; kindergarten; predictive validity [1]
      At-risk; Emotion Coaching; Emotions; Inclusion; Preschool; Self-regulation [1]
      athletics; coaching; high school; leadership; relationships; sports [1]
      Attachment; Early childhood education; Professional Development; Resilience; Teacher Attrition; Teacher stress [1]
      attention; interest; kindergarten; literacy; motivation; visual gaze [1]
      augmented reality; chemistry education; cognitive load; collaborative learning; HLM; visual-spatial ability [1]
      Autism [1]
      autism; autism spectrum disorders; dialogic reading; early literacy; emergent literacy [1]
      Autism; Behavior; Correspondence Training; Peer; Social [1]