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      athletics; coaching; high school; leadership; relationships; sports [1]
      Attachment; Early childhood education; Professional Development; Resilience; Teacher Attrition; Teacher stress [1]
      attention; interest; kindergarten; literacy; motivation; visual gaze [1]
      augmented reality; chemistry education; cognitive load; collaborative learning; HLM; visual-spatial ability [1]
      Autism [3]
      autism; autism spectrum disorders; dialogic reading; early literacy; emergent literacy [1]
      Autism; Behavior; Correspondence Training; Peer; Social [1]
      autism; birth to three; survey [1]
      autism; communication; early identification; parent; teacher [1]
      autism; early childhood special education; memory; mobile technologies; parent communication; recall [1]
      Autism; Early Childhood; Engagement; Peer Interactions; Technology; Video Games [1]
      autism; elementary; peer interaction; social skills group [1]
      Barbara Rogoff [1]
      Bayesian methods; hierarchical linear modeling; intra-class correlation; power; value-added modeling [1]
      Beginning Postsecondary Study; community college data use and innovation; community college leadership and practices; multi level modeling; predictors of students' upward transfer; state transfer policies [1]
      Behavior Disorders; Disabilities; Intervention; Mathematics Instruction; Self-Regulation; Teaching Methods [1]
      behavior; benchmarks; elementary; MTSS; observation [1]
      behavioral health [1]
      behavioral intervention; behavioral parent training; Enhanced School-Home Note; externalizing problems; school-home collaboration; school mental health [1]
      Behavioral sciences [1]