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      classroom assessment; cognition theory; collaborative learning; formative assessment; outcome equity; sociocultural theory [1]
      Classroom Quality; School Readiness [1]
      classroom video; professional development; science education [1]
      Classrooms; Epistemic agency; Science Education; Science practice; Teacher Education; Teacher Learning [1]
      Climate change; Climate scientists; Learning sciences; Partnerships; Social Controversy [1]
      Clinical interviews; Counting; Learning disabilities; Mathematics; Place value; Special education [1]
      Clinical psychology [1]
      co-teaching; grounded theory; inclusion; teacher agency [1]
      Coach Learning; In-Service Teacher Learning; Instructional Coaching; Professional Development; Sociocultural Learning Theory; Support Systems for Coaches [1]
      coaching; coaching education; intercollegiate athletics; mentoring; professional development; rowing [1]
      Coaching; Critical Discourse Analysis; English Learners; Language Policy; Teacher Identity; Teacher Learning [1]
      Coaching; General Education; Implementation Science; Professional Development; Special Education; Tier 3 Interventions [1]
      Cognitive psychology [2]
      Cognitive reading skills; Cognitive reading skills between Chinese and English; Conditions of transfer; Factors affecting transfer; Transfer; Transfer of reading ability between different orthographical systems [1]
      Cognitive Science; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Human-Robot Interaction; Organizational Psychology; Social robotics; User-Centered Design [1]
      collaboration [1]
      Collaboration; Problem based learning; Teacher learning [1]
      collaborative planning; professional development; teacher collaboration; teacher communities; teacher learning [1]
      collective enactments of instruction; decomposition of practice; interaction analysis; practice-based teacher education [1]
      collective teacher efficacy; high school; leadership; reorganization [1]