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      Case study; Data Use; Decision-making; Longitudinal; P-20 [1]
      Causal Inference; Monte Carlo Simulation; Multilevel Modeling; Propensity Score Matching [1]
      CDO; Chief Diversity Officer; diversity; diversity leadership; higher education; women of color [1]
      charter schools; special education; Washington State [1]
      Chicana/o-Latino/a Students; First-generation; information grounds; social; navigational; aspirational capital; undergraduate research [1]
      Chicano/Latino Males; Critical Race Theory; Masculinity; Middle School [1]
      Child welfare; Item Response Theory (IRT); Reliability; Risk assessment; Standardized measures; Validity [1]
      Children; Computers; Constructionism; Information and Communications Technology for Development; Kenya; One Laptop Per Child [1]
      Chile; CLT; EFL teachers; English Opens Doors Program; teachers' attitudes [1]
      China; Cultural Identity; Education; Migrants; Muslim [1]
      China; implementation; policy; reform; rural; student-centered [1]
      Chinese; ESL; Identity; Immigrants; Older Adult [1]
      citizenship [1]
      Clarence Perry; education; neighborhood; planners; planning [1]
      CLASS; Family Child Care; FCCERS-R; Quality [1]
      classroom assessment; cognition theory; collaborative learning; formative assessment; outcome equity; sociocultural theory [1]
      Classroom management [1]
      Classroom Quality; School Readiness [1]
      classroom video; professional development; science education [1]
      Classrooms; Epistemic agency; Science Education; Science practice; Teacher Education; Teacher Learning [1]