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      American Sign Language; Deaf community; frame rate/bit rate; Human-Computer Interaction; intelligibility; video compression [3]
      Analog Integrated Circuits; Optical Communication; Optical Modulators; Silicon Photonics [1]
      Analog Multiplier [1]
      Analog-front End; Marine Mammal; Optogenetics; Sonar; Wireless [1]
      Angiography; Cosmetic Dermal fillers; Lymphatic vessels; Optical Coherence tomography; Red Blood cell Flux; Wound healing [1]
      Anonymous Network; Convex Optimization; RFID Data Confidentiality; RFID System; USRP [1]
      antenna design; conformal antenna; microstrip patch antenna array; remote sensing [1]
      APSO; front-view; pose estimation; single camera; upper body [1]
      Array Reconfiguration [1]
      Artificial intelligence [3]
      ASIC; H-bridge; Implantable; Microchip; Neural; Stimulator [1]
      assembly; packaging; self-assembly; stochastic [1]
      asymmetric contacts [1]
      ATLAS; CERN; Firmware; FPGA; IBL; ROD [2]
      Automated Skill Evaluation; FLS; Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Skills (FLS); Hidden Markov Model; HMM; Surgical Skill Metrics [1]
      Automatic Detection; Helicopter; Millimeter-Wave; Object Tracking; Power Line; Radar [1]
      averaging; machine learning; multi-task learning; multivariate mean; stein estimation [1]
      Backscatter Communication; full-duplex communication; low power sensing; Power harvesting; Wi-Fi [1]
      battery management; comsol; lithium ion battery; lithium ion battery simulation; sequential simulation [1]
      Battery Scheduling; Capacity Fade Modeling; Convex Optimization [1]