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      Dance [1]
      data selection; language modeling; machine translation; natural language processing; topic modeling [1]
      Data Summarization; Discrete Optimization; Machine Learning; Submodular Optimization [1]
      Demand Response; Distributed Energy Resources; Incentives; Pricing; Value of Solar [1]
      demand response; elastic load; mixed integer programming; price forecast; real time price; smart grid [1]
      dense media; electromagnetic scattering; remote sensing; snow [1]
      density functional theory; electrical transport; nucleic acids; numerical modeling [1]
      density functional theory; kinetic lattice Monte Carlo; multiscale modeling; nanoelectronics; silicon photovoltaics [1]
      Detection; Modulation; Nonstationary random processes; Speech enhancement; Statistical signal processing; Time warping [1]
      DFIG; FSIG; Hybrid; LVRT; Wind [1]
      Diamond; Gallium phosphide; Nanofabrication; Nitrogen-vacancy center; Optical Resonators; Quantum information processing [1]
      dietary assessment; food volume estimation; mobile smartphone; structured light system [1]
      Digital Communication; MIMO; Modulation; RFID; Wireless Communication [1]
      Directed self-assembly; Fluidic self-assembly; Heterogeneous system integration; Orientation-specific; Packaging; Self-assembly [1]
      Disaggregation; MAC Protocol; Smart Grid; Smart Meters; Wireless Communications [1]
      Distribution network planning; Monte Carlo simulation; Plug-in electric vehicles; Transformer overloading; Uncertainty modeling; Voltage drop [1]
      distribution system; earthquake [1]
      DNA nanotechnology; genelets; negative feedback; synthetic biology [1]
      Document summarization; Natural language processing; Submodular function optimization [1]
      Dynamic Bayesian networks; Graphical models; Machine learning; Peptide identification; Proteomics; Tandem mass spectrometry [1]