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      3D image processing; Biomedical imaging; Computer vision; Morphometrics [3]
      3D Pose Estimation; Cyclic Hidden Markov Model; Geometrical Relational Features; Graphical Models; Human Action Recognition; Monocular Video Sequence [2]
      55nm; ADC; CMOS; Pipelined; ZCBC [1]
      Accelerometry; Activity Monitor; Ambulatory Monitoring; Amputees; Artificial Limbs [1]
      Acoustics [2]
      active learning; eco-feedback; end uses of water; semi-supervised learning; sustainability; water sensing [1]
      Activity Inference; Elder care; Electromagnetic Interference; EMI; Sensing; Smart Home [1]
      adaptive; L; Pi; matching networks; reconfigurable; Transformer; tunable [1]
      adhesion; Gecko; humidity effects; mechanical properties [1]
      algorithm optimization; clustering; parallel computing [1]
      Algorithm; Graphical model; Linkage analysis; Optimization; Parallel computing [1]
      AlN contour mode resonator [1]
      American Sign Language; Deaf community; frame rate/bit rate; Human-Computer Interaction; intelligibility; video compression [3]
      Analog Integrated Circuits; Optical Communication; Optical Modulators; Silicon Photonics [1]
      Analog Multiplier [1]
      Analog-front End; Marine Mammal; Optogenetics; Sonar; Wireless [1]
      Angiography; Cosmetic Dermal fillers; Lymphatic vessels; Optical Coherence tomography; Red Blood cell Flux; Wound healing [1]
      Anonymous Network; Convex Optimization; RFID Data Confidentiality; RFID System; USRP [1]
      antenna design; conformal antenna; microstrip patch antenna array; remote sensing [1]
      APSO; front-view; pose estimation; single camera; upper body [1]