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    • Coherent Demodulation of Nonstationary Random Processes 

      Clark, Charles Pascal (2012-09-13)
      Nonstationary processes have local properties which change over time. An example is speech, which can be represented as pitch harmonics multiplied by slower-varying syllabic modulations. Commonly-used power spectral analysis ...
    • Harmonic Encoding in Cochlear Implants 

      Ganter, Tyler
      Today’s standard in cochlear implant (CI) signal processing is based on incoherent tem- poral envelope and temporal fine structure (TFS) extraction. Incoherent envelopes are suffi- cient for the baseline task of speech ...
    • Improved Statistical Signal Processing of Nonstationary Random Processes Using Time-Warping 

      Wisdom, Scott
      A common assumption used in statistical signal processing of nonstationary random signals is that the signals are locally stationary. Using this assumption, data is segmented into short analysis frames, and processing is ...