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  • Medero, Julie
    For the millions of U.S. adults who do not read well enough to complete day-to-day tasks, challenges arise in reading news articles or employment documents, researching health conditions, and a variety of other tasks. ...
  • Axelrod, Amittai
    Machine translation, the computerized translation of one human language to another, could be used to communicate between the thousands of languages used around the world. Statistical machine translation (SMT) is an approach ...
  • Marin, Marius
    Automatic speech recognition (ASR), the transcription of human speech into text form, is used in many settings in our society, ranging from customer service applications to personal assistants on mobile devices. In all ...
  • Wu, Wei (2012-09-13)
    Lexical semantics studies the meaning of words, which is a useful tool for computer-based automatic natural language processing (NLP). This thesis explores graph-based algorithms to learn and apply distributional lexical ...
  • Zhang, Bin (2013-07-25)
    Text classification is a general and important machine learning problem. For example, topic classification of text documents has been extensively studied for more than a decade, and simple word features are found to be ...
  • Hutchinson, Brian (2013-11-14)
    Language modeling is one of many problems in language processing that have to grapple with naturally high ambient dimensions. Even in large datasets, the number of unseen sequences is overwhelmingly larger than the number ...

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