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  • Thomas, David Frederick
    Ten stories and a novella written in English in North America, between the years 2011 and 2014. Many of them are about sad people. Many of them are in the first person. There are also some images.
  • Bleecker, Alex O.
    <italic>Terms of Flight</italic> is Alex Bleecker's creative thesis for graduation from the University of Washington's M.F.A. program in Poetry. It is a coming-of-age pseudo-story related through flashes of memory that ...
  • Scowcroft, Tyler
    University of Washington Abstract The Thirteenth Labor and Other Stories Tyler Scowcroft Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Maya Sonenberg English, Creative Writing
  • Boyd, Kate (2013-07-25)
    "`Thoughts that Burn but Cannot be Spoken': Re-Imagining the Political within Histories of Feminist Activism" is an interdisciplinary cultural study of feminist activism, from 1840 to the present moment, that focuses on ...
  • Galvin, Sarah
    University of Washington Abstract The Three Einstens Sarah Galvin Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Heather McHugh English, M.F.A. A collection of poems.
  • Percinkova-Patton, Irena (2013-07-23)
    This dissertation is an examination of the trickster paradigm--an aesthetic, a principle that is specific to black creativity and narration and an enabling force behind the subversive rhetorical strategies of "Signifyin(g)" ...
  • Rose, Andrew Michael (2013-07-25)
    This dissertation employs theories of literature and environment (ecocriticism) and posthumanism in order to explore the relationship between concepts of agency and political subjectivity. While I will argue that the ...
  • Patterson, Christopher Benjamin (2014-02-24)
    Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature in Malaya, the Philippines and Asian America Christopher B. Patterson Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Alys Weinbaum Department of English This dissertation treats ...
  • Zheng, Xuan (2013-07-25)
    Recently the number of international students in English-speaking universities has grown dramatically. In the College Composition class where literacy and language are the major focus of instruction, the issue of linguistic ...
  • Murr, J.E. Jed
    This dissertation project investigates some of the ways histories of racial violence work to (de)form dominant and oppositional forms of common sense in the allegedly "post-racial" United States. Centering "culture" as a ...
  • Murr, J.E. Jed
    This dissertation project investigates some of the ways histories of racial violence work to (de)form dominant and oppositional forms of common sense in the allegedly "post-racial" United States. Centering "culture" as a ...
  • Murphy, Jennifer
    Unsent Letters is an excerpt of an early novel draft. A homeless man witnesses a man falling from a fifteen-story building in New York's financial district. The fact that the victim, Ian Blue, was the subject of a recent ...
  • Wachter-Grene, Kirin
    This dissertation argues that African American literary representations of transgression, meaning boundary exploration, reveal a complex relationship between sex, desire, pleasure, race, gender, power, and subjectivity ...
  • Willett, Michael David (2013-04-17)
    As the modern academy continues to remake the literary canon--to determine whether such a thing should even exist, and if so, along what lines it should be formed--the notion of artistic quality has come under scrutiny as ...
  • Thompson, Riki (2007)
    This dissertation argues that mental health has become an object of governmentality (Foucault), in which current mental health discourses normalize ongoing disorder and promote personal responsibility for attaining an ...
  • Hamilton, Doreen Dashel (1997)
    This study brings together two topics--voice and English Studies. It demonstrates significant differences between the ways Rhetoric and Composition, Literature Studies, and Creative Writing define, understand, and use the ...
  • Dole, Michael Norman (1981)
    This study examines Wallace Stevens' personality as revealed in his journals and letters. It attempts to show how the underlying forces at work in Stevens' temperament stimulated and shaped his poems. My purpose is to shift ...
  • Fan, Fonda Z. (2013-07-25)
    University of Washington An examination of love, duty, and the moral choices that we are both bound and released by. "The Way Up" Fonda Zhu Fan Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Shawn Wong Creative Writing
  • Weinberg, Elizabeth A. (2013-07-25)
    Five chapters of a novel-in-progress (titled "What Is Known"); one essay (titled "And Yet"); and one short story (titled "A Satisfying View").
  • Bartell, Kendra
    A collection of poems engaging with the lyric I, femininity, what it means to have a body, and family.

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