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    • 1848 Beyond the 19th Century: Border Fictions, Peripheral Modernities 

      Escalera, Gibran
      This dissertation analyzes 20th and 21st century border fictions that recreate the meaning of 1848 by disrupting the legacies of colonial modernity, in particular the territorial preoccupation of U.S. expansionism. The ...
    • The Abstract of the Creative Writing Capstone Project 

      Holmes, Jessica
      This Creative Writing Capstone Project investigates themes of place, memory, the body, and their respective relationship(s) to language. The poems range from short lyric pieces to longer, multi-sectioned meditations. ...
    • The Abstract of the Creative Writing Capstone Project 

      Bresner, Catherine Corbett
      An exploration and critique of aleatoric approaches in the creative process, using language experiments as an umbrella term to explore & discuss chance operations, Oulipo techniques, Surrealist exercises and Charles ...
    • "The aesthetic of lived life" from Wollstonecraft to Mill 

      Chaney, Eve Christine (1998)
      The six canonical male poets of the Romantic period are usually given credit for the late-eighteenth-century turn toward a new interest in issues of the self in literature. However, I argue that an under-explored counter ...
    • The after-life of memory 

      Blyn, Robin (1996)
      The After-Life of Memory registers the widely held perception of a "memory crisis" in the latter half of the twentieth century. It asserts that this crisis is an historical and theoretical construct based on assumptions ...
    • Ageing and Imperial Mobility in the British Novel, 1845–1945 

      Sohn, Ilsu
      This dissertation examines representations of ageing in eight British novels from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. The four chapters and one epilogue explore how the novels’ rewriting of the Bildungsroman gives ...
    • Alienating Punishment: Prisons in Science Fiction 

      Wetzel, Ariel
      This dissertation asserts that science fiction (SF) takes a commonplace, the prison, and estranges it to make it unfamiliar and subject to critical examination. The dissertation explores this claim through two subjects: ...
    • Appropriate Appropriation: A White Writer's Attempt to Understand His Own Complicity in the Ongoing Psychological Colonization of Native Americans 

      Potter, Josh
      Colonization presents itself in psychological parameters both culturally and individually. The way modern, mainstream media represents and manifests Native Americans perpetuates a historic trauma that began with European ...
    • The Art of Multiple Plotlines: A Close Examination of Three Generational Novels 

      Shushan, Adrianne P.
      In order to answer the craft question of how multiple timelines and plotlines are handled within a single novel, I perform a close reading and analysis of three multi-generational novels: Everything is Illuminated, by ...
    • Asian American Forms: From Realism to Modernism 

      Zhang, Yifan (2012-08-10)
      The subject of this dissertation, to boldly state it, is the history of Asian American literary formation. The tradition of formalist criticism of literature, reaching down from the Russian formalist school, has been ...
    • At home in the city: networked space and urban domesticity in American literature, 1850-1920 

      Klimasmith, Elizabeth, 1969- (2000)
      This dissertation explores the changing conceptions and uses of the notion of environment in nineteenth-century America. I argue that in this period of rapid urbanization, the novel became a testing ground for examining ...
    • At Sea 

      Moench, Peter (2012-09-13)
    • Back to nature: location, identity, and 'naturalization' 

      Evans, Ellen M (1999)
      As with other ideological representations, particular cultural constructions of landscape, environment, wild(er)ness, and Nature perform the work of empowering some members of human society while simultaneously disempowering ...
    • Baring the Windigo’s Teeth: Fearsome Figures in Native American Narratives 

      Warrior, Carol Edelman
      Whereas non-Native American fictional fearsome figures tend to produce anxiety from their resistance to categorization, their unpredictable movement, and their Otherness, many contemporary Native American writers re-imagine ...
    • Beastiarium 

      Johnson, Anthony
      Beastiarium is a collection of fantasy and science fiction stories.
    • Believer by Believer 

      Lebo, Kathryn (2012-09-13)
      Believer by Believer is a collection of lyric poems obsessed with descriptive detail and what it can reveal about the whole, enamored with the materials we use to build our lives, and captivated by sensual pleasure and ...
    • "Beste of bon and blod": Embodiment in Middle English Lyric 

      Moore, Sarah Kathryn
      This dissertation argues that Middle English lyric is uniquely successful at connecting readers and hearers with our own bodies and with the bodies of medieval textual subjects. This effect occurs on the levels of content, ...
    • Beyond the ESL grammar classroom: a descriptive study of transfer of grammatical instruction 

      Amonette, Maria Mohr (2001)
      Existing studies of second language acquisition and grammar instruction have taken primarily quantitative approaches to the study of grammar acquisition and its effects on students' writing. To date, there are no qualitative ...
    • Birth Order 

      Haines, Emily Sketch (2013-07-25)
      Poetry Manuscript
    • The Blank Between Us 

      Linn, Kathryn S. (2012-09-13)
      Poetry Manuscript exploring mother-daughter relationships, grief, and finding one's voice.