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    • Making Sense: Race and Modern Vision 

      Shon, Sue
      “Making Sense: Race and Modern Vision” explores how race as we know it becomes visually recognizable. It does so by historicizing the perceptual knowledge produced by race and vision and by demonstrating how the relationship ...
    • Male masochistic fantasy in Carlyle, Tennyson, Dickens, and Swinburne 

      Hennessee, David (2001)
      Texts by Carlyle, Tennyson, Dickens, and Swinburne produce fantasies of male masochism that offer to resolve diverse historical problems plaguing Victorian manhood. These texts discipline their transgressive masochistic ...
    • Man Running; A Novel In Progress. 

      Eddings, David C. (1960-11-29)
      Monday Evening His name was Stephen Cain and he had come fifteen miles down the river since that morning. He was tall and slender and wore a dark cloth jacket, he was running when he came out of the tangled willows onto ...
    • Mapping the Vagina: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Scientific Specularity 

      Bashaw, Ashley
      This dissertation tracks the close and variegated imbrications of nineteenth-century science, literature, and cartography. It argues for the co-existence and co-dependency of nineteenth-century gynecology and literature ...
    • Material Malory : the Caxton and Winchester documents and a parallel-text edition 

      Roland, Margaret Mary (2002)
      The Roman War accounts found in the Winchester manuscript (BL Add 59678) and in Caxton's edition of Le Morte Darthur offer a tale of campaign, strategy, and conquest. Malory's postponement of the traditional disaster it ...
    • MFA Creative Thesis 

      Shields, Rachel Linn
      This creative thesis project includes three main sections, "Curious Incidents in Underwater Research," What to Expect When You're Not Expecting, and Modern Yarns. The first is a mystery story, the second a series of stories ...
    • Militant Bodies: Policing Race, Religion, and Violence in the U.S. Sikh Diaspora 

      Singh, Balbir K.
      "Militant Bodies" explores the long history of the Sikh as a racialized and religionized figure that violently troubled imperial, postcolonial, and national fantasies of security. From the British colonial period, to the ...
    • Misreading and the parameters of exemplarity in early modern England 

      Fisher, Joshua Benjamin (2002)
      This study explores how acts of misreading in the early modern period shape subjectivities. I argue that key socio-cultural developments including the Protestant Reformation, the rise of print, and the expansion of literacy ...
    • The Modern Animal 

      Dwyer, Anne
      The Modern Animal explores transformations in human-animal relationships in the trans-Atlantic world from the early nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth century. In tracking four major emergences - the ...
    • Modernism's History of the Earth 

      Miller, Megan Ann (2012-09-13)
      This dissertation explores how a handful of modernist poets and novelists responded creatively to developments in geology, evolutionary biology, and astronomy between the 1920s and the 1960s. Critical accounts of modernism ...
    • Modifying the Mask: the Transformation of the Dramatic Monologue Across the Works of Robert Browning, Norman Dubie, and Frank Bidart 

      Gulotta, Kristin L.
      A look at how the dramatic monologue as a poetic form has transformed since the 19th century by examining representative works from poets Robert Browning, Norman Dubie, and Frank Bidart.
    • Moments in the life of literature 

      Lane, Cara, 1974- (2003)
      Who created The Pickwick Papers: Charles Dickens, Robert Seymour, or publishing pirates? What is Great Expectations: a shiny trade paperback, a film about an artist starring Ethan Hawke, or a South Park television episode? ...
    • More Mediocre 

      Davis, Darren C. (2013-11-14)
      A collection of personal essays detailing the existential angst (and its uselessness) of a young man in the Great Recession.
    • More than blue: discourses of/on women and depression 

      Emmons, Kimberly K (2003)
      This dissertation challenges the traditional linguistic and rhetorical approach of studying talk about health and illness via the doctor-patient dyad. Although studies of doctor-patient discourse have often postulated the ...
    • Narrating Americanization: space and form in U.S. immigrant writing, 1890-1927 

      Kvidera, Peter James (1999)
      This dissertation addresses a component of U.S. immigrant writing that literary scholarship has generally neglected: the relationship between aesthetics and place. Drawing on theories of ethnicity, nation, and space, I ...
    • Narrow Field 

      Colen, Elizabeth Jane (2013-07-25)
      Narrow Field is a lyric examination of historical accounts of feral children and contemporary child abduction stories, as well as a personal account of an unsupervised childhood and how that wildness informs an adult life.
    • Negotiating the masculine: configurations of race and gender in American culture 

      Wiegman, Robyn (1988)
      James Baldwin once described the intertwining lives of Anglo and African in American culture as "a wedding," a metaphor that is at once illuminating and hauntingly inappropriate as a characterization of the long and bloody ...
    • Network Rhetoric: A Network Ethnography of the Knowledge Work of System Builders in Child Care and Early Learning 

      Read, Sarah (2011-06)
      An interdisciplinary project situated at the intersection of workplace writing, network theory, rhetorical theory and the study of public discourses, this dissertation argues for how these areas of inquiry intersect ...
    • Networked Identifications: Constructing Identities and Ideologies in the 2009 Iranian Election Protests 

      Featherman, Chris (2013-07-25)
      This dissertation explores the strategic formation of counter-hegemonic discourses during social movements and their rescaling through mobile social media across networked, translocal public spheres. Through an interdisciplinary ...

      Pierce, Calvin (2013-07-25)