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    • Vanishing Point: the Drive to Failure in Romantic Representation 

      Willett, Michael David (2013-04-17)
      As the modern academy continues to remake the literary canon--to determine whether such a thing should even exist, and if so, along what lines it should be formed--the notion of artistic quality has come under scrutiny as ...
    • Virtual recovery: governing mental health and self-improvement online 

      Thompson, Riki (2007)
      This dissertation argues that mental health has become an object of governmentality (Foucault), in which current mental health discourses normalize ongoing disorder and promote personal responsibility for attaining an ...
    • Voice in English studies 

      Hamilton, Doreen Dashel (1997)
      This study brings together two topics--voice and English Studies. It demonstrates significant differences between the ways Rhetoric and Composition, Literature Studies, and Creative Writing define, understand, and use the ...
    • Wallace Stevens: the determining personality 

      Dole, Michael Norman (1981)
      This study examines Wallace Stevens' personality as revealed in his journals and letters. It attempts to show how the underlying forces at work in Stevens' temperament stimulated and shaped his poems. My purpose is to shift ...
    • The Way Up 

      Fan, Fonda Z. (2013-07-25)
      University of Washington An examination of love, duty, and the moral choices that we are both bound and released by. "The Way Up" Fonda Zhu Fan Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Shawn Wong Creative Writing
    • What Is Known: Prose Pieces 

      Weinberg, Elizabeth A. (2013-07-25)
      Five chapters of a novel-in-progress (titled "What Is Known"); one essay (titled "And Yet"); and one short story (titled "A Satisfying View").
    • What Wandered Away 

      Bartell, Kendra
      A collection of poems engaging with the lyric I, femininity, what it means to have a body, and family.
    • Where Knowledge Thrives: The Role of the Metaphorical in Scientific Process 

      Xu, Jun (2013-02-25)
      My Ph. D. dissertation concerns one of the major issues in the rhetoric of science, the function of metaphors in scientific discourse. It explores the relation between knowledge production and a metaphorical kind of ...
    • Windows 

      Arvidson, Valerie Marie (2012-09-13)
      Windows is Valerie Marie Arvidson's Master's Thesis (completed in 2012): a compendium of fictions and photographs that together tell a family story that draws on folk-riddles, fairy tales, art, archives, and multicultural ...
    • Wish-fulfillment as moral crisis in fiction of Henry James 

      Salisbury, Howard E., 1911- (1962)
    • Women in the English Language Dictionary 

      Russell, Lindsay Rose (2012-09-13)
      "Women in the English Language Dictionary," is at once a historical account and rhetorical analysis of how women have been involved in the English dictionary from its bilingual beginnings in the early modern period to its ...
    • Working Title: IX 

      Kiely, Cecilia (2012-09-13)
    • Writing differently somewhere else: studies in the American expatriate novel 

      Hibbard, Allen E (1989)
      This dissertation seeks to formulate a general theory of the expatriate novel. Central to that theory is the important recognition that the movement of fictional characters away from their familiar surroundings to a place ...
    • Writing the body spiritual: sexual/textual/spiritual links in the writings of Antonia White, Emily Coleman and Djuna Barnes 

      Chait, Sandra M (1997)
      This study undertakes an examination of the textual search for female spiritual identity by three Modernist writers, Antonia White, Emily Coleman and Djuna Barnes, and identifies their aesthetic approach to such a spiritual ...
    • Young Ghosts 

      Greive, Kristine (2013-07-25)
      Young Ghosts is an MFA thesis of nine short stories.