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    • Wallace Stevens: the determining personality 

      Dole, Michael Norman (1981)
      This study examines Wallace Stevens' personality as revealed in his journals and letters. It attempts to show how the underlying forces at work in Stevens' temperament stimulated and shaped his poems. My purpose is to shift ...
    • Waterlogged: Narrating Hydroecologies in the Anthropocene 

      Schaumberg IV, Ned G
      As accelerating global climate change transforms the dynamics of the hydrosphere, water presents simultaneously ecological and epistemological questions: how do human beings comprehend hydrological crises that seem ...
    • The Way Up 

      Fan, Fonda Z. (2013-07-25)
      University of Washington An examination of love, duty, and the moral choices that we are both bound and released by. "The Way Up" Fonda Zhu Fan Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Shawn Wong Creative Writing
    • “We see a little farther now and a little farther still”: Rendering the South by Its Ghosts 

      Aylor, Emma
      In this essay, I examine the ghosts of the place I’m from—Bedford County, Virginia—as well as those of other parts of the South, and argue that the haunted or ghostly is essential to getting at a true, felt sense of any ...
    • Weighing Words 

      Bagby, Michael Warren
      This thesis is an experimental poetic interrogation of the language of size discrimination from a heterosexual male point of view, utilizing the Oxford English Dictionary and its citations as a primary source of text.
    • What and Whom Are We Teaching? Ideologies, Practices, and Preparation of First-Year Composition Teachers 

      He-Weatherford, Zhenzhen
      With not only a rapidly growing number of international students but also historically underrepresented domestic students who grew up in multilingual households, U.S. higher education has become a more and more linguistically ...
    • What Is Known: Prose Pieces 

      Weinberg, Elizabeth A. (2013-07-25)
      Five chapters of a novel-in-progress (titled "What Is Known"); one essay (titled "And Yet"); and one short story (titled "A Satisfying View").
    • What Lineage Extraction: Image and the Book Object in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictée 

      Gold, Aya
      Just as American ideals of economic modernization were bound up in ideas about China, the movement toward aesthetic modernization also looked toward East Asia. Ezra Pound’s study and subsequent reproduction of ancient and ...
    • What Wandered Away 

      Bartell, Kendra
      A collection of poems engaging with the lyric I, femininity, what it means to have a body, and family.
    • Where is the Hospitality of it All? A Writer’s Treatment of Her Own Life 

      Chandler, Boston
      The following paper examines the aspect of control in a non-fiction writer’s life. Is the ability to write in the non-fiction genre one of the greatest forms of control over one’s own life? How are southern writers like ...
    • Where Knowledge Thrives: The Role of the Metaphorical in Scientific Process 

      Xu, Jun (2013-02-25)
      My Ph. D. dissertation concerns one of the major issues in the rhetoric of science, the function of metaphors in scientific discourse. It explores the relation between knowledge production and a metaphorical kind of ...
    • Whip & whisper 

      Moni-Sauri, Alex
      In this essay, I seek to investigate the contours of power and class dynamics in the equestrian world, and look for resonance in the wider world of capitalism and its various crises. I want to examine our desire for ...
    • Who Killed It: Toward A Hip Hop Theory 

      Roberts, Georgia M.
      This dissertation examines how the set of creative impulses and artistic methods initially ascribed to nineteenth-century American literary Realism continues to inform and shape present-day expectations and interpretations ...
    • "Who's Kidding Who": Humor in Poetry 

      Louie, Cameron Quan
      Why do some poems make us laugh? Is there something unique about the way humor works in poetry? While poetry may not be the medium typically associated with humor, humor is certainly abundant in poetry. As other authors ...
    • Windows 

      Arvidson, Valerie Marie (2012-09-13)
      Windows is Valerie Marie Arvidson's Master's Thesis (completed in 2012): a compendium of fictions and photographs that together tell a family story that draws on folk-riddles, fairy tales, art, archives, and multicultural ...
    • Wish-fulfillment as moral crisis in fiction of Henry James 

      Salisbury, Howard E., 1911- (1962)
    • Women in the English Language Dictionary 

      Russell, Lindsay Rose (2012-09-13)
      "Women in the English Language Dictionary," is at once a historical account and rhetorical analysis of how women have been involved in the English dictionary from its bilingual beginnings in the early modern period to its ...
    • Working Title: IX 

      Kiely, Cecilia (2012-09-13)
    • Writerly Introspection: Unraveling the Layers that Weave the Fictional Character 

      Quraishi, Areej
      What creates the character? And how does a writer mold a character that is tangible and complex? In this essay, I narrow the answer to these questions down to the following: familial relationships, cultural and/or racial ...