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    • A Dark Ecology of Performance: Mapping the Field of Romantic Literary Celebrity through Gothic Drama 

      Gutierrez, Brian R.
      Gothic drama reached a height of popularity in the 1790s, partly due to celebrity actors like Sarah Siddons. Yet we know very little about the relationship between the many writers of gothic dramas and the celebrity ...
    • An Artist’s Environment: Using Nature to Examine the Self through Writing 

      Mills, Maria Rosa
      This study aims to explore the role of the human self in nature poetry by asking how poets use the natural world as the context for examination of the self. Through close readings of Robert Hass’s poem “On Squaw Peak” and ...
    • Asian American Forms: From Realism to Modernism 

      Zhang, Yifan (2012-08-10)
      The subject of this dissertation, to boldly state it, is the history of Asian American literary formation. The tradition of formalist criticism of literature, reaching down from the Russian formalist school, has been ...
    • At Sea 

      Moench, Peter (2012-09-13)
    • Believer by Believer 

      Lebo, Kathryn (2012-09-13)
      Believer by Believer is a collection of lyric poems obsessed with descriptive detail and what it can reveal about the whole, enamored with the materials we use to build our lives, and captivated by sensual pleasure and ...
    • The Blank Between Us 

      Linn, Kathryn S. (2012-09-13)
      Poetry Manuscript exploring mother-daughter relationships, grief, and finding one's voice.
    • Bone by Bone: Reinventing the Animal Metaphor for the Human Animal 

      McCoy, Erin L.
      Metaphor can reinforce widely accepted truths or it can undermine them. Some of the most pleasurable moments in any poem come from the element of surprise that the latter produces. But those metaphors that fit squarely ...
    • Empire’s Imagination: Race, Settler Colonialism, and Indigeneity in ‘Local’ Hawaiʻi Narratives 

      Day, Leanne
      My dissertation, “Empire’s Imagination: Race, Settler Colonialism, and Indigeneity in ʻLocal’ Hawaiʻi Narratives,” addresses the history of U.S. empire in Hawaiʻi, arguing that empire persists into the present through the ...
    • Fantastic Intrusions: The Fantastic as a Concretization of Human Hardship 

      Walker, Catherine
      This essay explores the role of the fantastic in both historical and contemporary works. The essay delves into the questions: What does it mean when the fantastic appears in a work of fiction? What does the fantastic bring ...
    • Fascination/Frustration: Slash Fandom, Genre, and Queer Uptake 

      Boulware, Taylor
      This dissertation examines contemporary television slash fandom, in which fans write and circulate creative texts that dramatize non-canonical queer relationships between canonically heterosexual male characters. These ...
    • Figure-Maker 

      Wilder, Erika Lauren (2012-09-13)
      A collection of poems.
    • From the Gunwales to the Waterline 

      Vega, Paul Thomas (2012-09-13)
      A young mean leaves home after his brother's death and finds himself negotiating various circles of hell as he tries to re-discover his will to live and the meaning of love and family.
    • From the Philosophical Wanton to the Respectable Lady 

      DeBlassie, Maria (2012-09-13)
      Despite the proliferation of conduct manuals highlighting the domestic woman`s manifold virtues and the abundant caricatures of the vulgar learned woman`s masculine antics, there remained, perhaps surprisingly, positive ...
    • Hindsight 2050 

      Walker, Cora
      Hindsight 2050 is an anthology of science fiction stories taking place in a plausible, potentially near future. Misogyny, technological revolution, and an increasingly unstable capitalist world inform the future the book ...
    • Instructions May Vary: The Empathetic Appeal of the Parable 

      Cecil, Daniel J.
      This essay explores the form and power of the parable as a storytelling device both in its traditional usage in world religions, as well as its inclusion in 20th and 21st Century literature, specifically fiction.
    • Late Harvest and Other Poems 

      Eulensen, Katherine (2012-09-13)
      Creative Poetry Thesis
    • Legible Grief: Discursive Liminality in Twentieth Century Literatures of Trauma 

      Schaeffer, Tesla
      Currently, scholars in the fields of trauma and affect studies are sharply divided on whether “direct” or extra-discursive experience is possible, and moreover about how such a space might function within the fraught ...
    • Looking Forward to the Past: Black Women and Sexual Agency in`Neo'Cultural Productions 

      Lewis, Sydney Fonteyn (2012-09-13)
      This dissertation combines critical black feminisms, cultural studies, performance studies, and queer theory with readings of African-American cultural productions in order to consider how black women can and have reconfigured ...
    • Making, Marking, Mattering: What We Can Learn about Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology from a Makerspace 

      Shivers-McNair, Ann E.
      This dissertation draws on data from a year-long ethnographic case study of a makerspace in Seattle to argue for and model a theoretical and methodological apparatus for studying making as mattering, and I offer accounts ...
    • Modernism's History of the Earth 

      Miller, Megan Ann (2012-09-13)
      This dissertation explores how a handful of modernist poets and novelists responded creatively to developments in geology, evolutionary biology, and astronomy between the 1920s and the 1960s. Critical accounts of modernism ...