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      Ab3; CM2B4; dermatology; MCPyV; Merkel cell carcinoma; Merkel cell polyomavirus [1]
      access to care; cystic fibrosis; lung transplantation; medial insurance; socioeconomic status [1]
      Activity; Obesity; Occupational; Physical [1]
      Acute febrile illness; Antibiotics; Child; Global Health; Malaria [1]
      acute lung injury; blood transfusion; hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; idiopathic pneumonia syndrome; platelets; red blood cells [1]
      Acute traumatic coagulopathy; Hemorrhage; International normalized ratio (INR); Prediction model; Prehospital medical care; Trauma [1]
      adenocarcinoma; cervical cancer; HLA; HPV; KIR; vulvar cancer [1]
      adherence; Africa; HIV prevention; pre-exposure prophylaxis; serodiscordant couples [1]
      Adherence; Domestic violence; Gender; HIV; India; Self-report adherence measures [1]
      adipose tissue macrophages; CD16; inflammation; insulin resistance; metabolic disease; obesity [1]
      adipose; de novo lipogenesis; fructose; glucose; palmitoleic acid [1]
      adolescent health; depression; mental health; reproductive health; sexual behavior; suicide [1]
      Adolescents; Hypoxia; Respiratory abnormalities; Tachypnea; Vertically-acquired HIV [1]
      Adult onset asthma; age at menarche; menstrual characterstics [1]
      Adult; Allogeneic; Children; Clostridium difficile; Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation; Pediatric [1]
      Africa; AIDS; circumcision; HIV; modeling; modes of transmission [1]
      Africa; Antiretroviral therapy; CD4; Fertility intentions; HIV; Linkage to care [1]
      Africa; antiretroviral therapy; HIV; HIV prevention; HIV serodiscordant couples [1]
      Africa; Condoms; HIV; Menopause; Sexual Risk Behavior; Sex Workers [1]
      Africa; contraception; fertility; HIV prevention; reproductive health; women [1]