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    Adams, Maria Rose
    My thesis project explores the use of carefully orchestrated, patterned paintings depicting domestic interiors with bold, flat, layered planes of color, repeated motifs, and a shallow sense of space. Pattern is everywhere ...
  • From the Ground Down 

    Sweet, Amanda Catherine
    In this thesis I examine concepts of identity, time and space as I have investigated related influences and methodologies within my studio practice, during my time of study at the University of Washington, Seattle’s School ...
  • Anchurus And His Remedy 

    Coleman, Timothy
    Contrary to the statement by the character Garcin in Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit that other people are Hell; it is in fact other people who offer us a glimpse of Heaven. But if one is to have that peek at paradise ...
  • Tarzana Syndrome 

    Allen, Matthew Schau
    In a world where hubris is a necessity, concrete transmogrifies and metastasizes, delicacies revolt and captivate, and creatures lurk amidst the potted fichus and cul-de-sacs, their powerful odors carried on by the dry, ...
  • First Principles and Ordinances 

    Groesbeck, Katherine Jeanne
    Garments/fabric are a central theme in my work. Their inherent intimacy and privacy conceals and signifies both the absence/loss and presence of the wearer. In the studio, I investigate in a ritualistic and meditative ...
  • Breaths of the Ether 

    Xie, Lanxia
    Based on my memories of hazy cityscapes, the sensations of the contradictions in beauty in life, and spatial disorientations and other-worldliness, I have created three works that render blurred, mysterious, ethereal, and ...
  • Experience of Place 

    Norsworthy, Sarah K.
    My work in painting, drawing, and sculpture has been informed by an interest in human presence and architecture in the landscape as well as my own experiences of place. I present some of my history leading up to my thesis ...
  • J. Doe: Placeholders for the Unidentified 

    Mangiaruga, Morgan
    “And since you know you cannot see yourself So well as by reflection, I, your glass, Will modestly discover to yourself That of yourself which you yet know not of.” -Shakespeare How am I reflected in the objects I create? ...
  • Pastries, Pyramids, Promenading & Percussion: a journey toward alchemistical experiences as creative spirit a.k.a.: SYNKHRA, goddess of music & pie a.k.a.: some sort of hyper-detailed space-age mythology, full of fiber-swallowing girls and sun-kissed divorcees reminding everyone of their mortality 

    Mixan, Coley Marie
    A thesis project employing digital video and sound to expose the ongoing intensities and ruptures experienced in Coley Mixan’s voice and body as a means to dispute (and parody) HER/their culture’s dominant norms and power ...
  • The State of My Painting Practice 

    Schoening, Krista M
    Over the past two years, my painting practice has centered on botanical subject matter, particularly in relation to art historical precedents and the contemporary world. I have researched plant biology, which has given me ...
  • A Peep through a Tube at a Leopard 

    Wu, Zheng
    This thesis paper explore my personal experience in relation to my artistic practices.
  • "Play Clay" 

    Hoeppner, Andrew John
    Graduate school for me was a life experiment. My intentions to become an artist never were implied until my last year as an undergraduate when I finally decided this new direction of mine has yet to even begin. My ...
  • Living on Death 

    Gress, David
    My work pertains to notions of documentary. The slaughterhouse and events that transpire within constitute the untouched, given center of my work. Within these limits I am free to interpret, recreate and compose such ...
  • We Are All In This To Get Here 

    Patterson, Hannah McGhee
    I was raised practicing Hinduism from birth in the unlikely environment of the Bible Belt of the South East. Eventually my art practice became an important means of metabolizing this experience. I employ the use of materials, ...
  • Disapearing acts : making things + making things go away 

    Chernow, Rebecca
    A paper exploring ideas of sculpture as bio-remediator and a hub of communal activity
  • Interdisciplinary Visual Arts 

    Freeman, Joseph Allen
    University of Washington Abstract Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Joseph A. Freeman Jr. Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Chair + Professor Ellen Garvens Photomedia This thesis paper explores the dynamics of how matter ...
  • Finding Value & Cutting Up Meaning 

    D'Elia, Kathryn P.
    I am allowing this written thesis to act as an explanation of my concepts and personal journey through the University of Washington's Graduate Drawing and Painting MFA program and through creating my thesis work, a series ...

    Murley, Abraham
  • An Unknown Road 

    Chen, Hesheng
    Personally witnessing two horrible car accidents contrasts strongly with my enthusiastic appreciation of the automobile. This collision of feelings is at the heart of what I wish to explore in my thesis work. In this ...

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