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    • We Are All In This To Get Here 

      Patterson, Hannah McGhee
      I was raised practicing Hinduism from birth in the unlikely environment of the Bible Belt of the South East. Eventually my art practice became an important means of metabolizing this experience. I employ the use of materials, ...
    • Pastries, Pyramids, Promenading & Percussion: a journey toward alchemistical experiences as creative spirit a.k.a.: SYNKHRA, goddess of music & pie a.k.a.: some sort of hyper-detailed space-age mythology, full of fiber-swallowing girls and sun-kissed divorcees reminding everyone of their mortality 

      Mixan, Coley Marie
      A thesis project employing digital video and sound to expose the ongoing intensities and ruptures experienced in Coley Mixan’s voice and body as a means to dispute (and parody) HER/their culture’s dominant norms and power ...
    • The State of My Painting Practice 

      Schoening, Krista M
      Over the past two years, my painting practice has centered on botanical subject matter, particularly in relation to art historical precedents and the contemporary world. I have researched plant biology, which has given me ...
    • A Peep through a Tube at a Leopard 

      Wu, Zheng
      This thesis paper explore my personal experience in relation to my artistic practices.
    • Suspended Animation 

      Happ, Jonathan A.
      The purpose of this project is to extend the genre of the vanitas still life within painting by merging with the context of contemporary biological and medical sciences. By doing so I hope to challenge conventional ...
    • Camera Evolution 

      Blalock, John Miles
      Examining the process of evolution by building cameras using the methods of natural selection.
    • Finding Value & Cutting Up Meaning 

      D'Elia, Kathryn P.
      I am allowing this written thesis to act as an explanation of my concepts and personal journey through the University of Washington's Graduate Drawing and Painting MFA program and through creating my thesis work, a series ...
    • Split Ends 

      Skwira, Sarah
      I sit by the window, running my fingers through my hair. Getting to the ends, I hold them up to examine them. There is a golden afternoon light coming through the window. This is the magic time of day when every strand is ...
    • Some Place 

      Dunn, Benjamin
      University of Washington Abstract Some Place Benjamin Dunn Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Associate Professor Helen J. O’Toole School of Art, Art History and Design This thesis examines the role of specificity, ...
    • Painting and Drawing: Mitigating The Space Between the Internal and External 

      Robertson, Bryan
      The topic of my thesis is about the “extra-relational” characteristics of rhetoric, poetry, and visual arts . Painting from my point of view is a form of natural philosophy with very deep roots extending back to the ...
    • Neo-Pre-Raphaelitism: The Final Generations 

      Waterman, Amanda B.
      The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of seven young men who wanted to rebel against the teachings and orthodoxies of the Royal Academy. It was a short-lived movement, beginning in 1848 and ending in the early 1850s, ...
    • My Dear Friend, Time 

      Xu, Jing
      University of Washington Abstract My Dear Friend, Time Jing Xu Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Ellen Garvens Photomedia I like thinking that my work instigates performance; it encourages viewers to perform ...
    • (searching for shadows) 

      Baughman, Paul
      This thesis outlines the art practice of artist Paul Baughman. His work investigates the role of the individual as it relates to agency, power, and change, in the context of contemporary society. His research systematically ...
    • Enantiodromia 

      Mlasowsky, Anna
      Multiplicity and the bridging of opposing realities is a central theme in my work. This multiplicity speaks to a physical disconnection between places as well as to a mental state of disassociation. Through process I enable ...
    • Building Resonance 

      Gale-Schreck, Benjamin Ralph
      Ben Gale-Schreck April 6th 2016 Abstract My art practice is greatly influenced by my familial relationships. Using sculpture and performance, the interaction between my work and its audience is essential. As a tributary ...
    • Sky View 

      Nibert, Heather Michelle
      University of Washington Abstract Sky View Heather Nibert Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Head Chair Helen O’Toole Painting and Drawing This thesis paper aims to communicate my thought process as well as my methods ...
    • Revising Devotion: the role of wooden sculptures in affecting painting and devotion in the Late Medieval period in Italy (XII-XV century) 

      Di Lodovico, Daniele
      This dissertation offers a reconsideration of medieval wooden sculptures and a new perspective for understanding their role in affecting devotion and pictorial production in late medieval and Renaissance culture. My study ...
    • Disappearing acts : making things + making things go away 

      Chernow, Rebecca
      A paper exploring ideas of sculpture as bio-remediator and a hub of communal activity