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    • Camera Evolution 

      Blalock, John Miles
      Examining the process of evolution by building cameras using the methods of natural selection.
    • Changing images of women: Taisho-period paintings by Uemura Shoen (1875-1949), Ito Shoha (1877-1968), and Kajiwara Hisako (1896-1988) 

      Morioka, Michiyo (1990)
      Uemura Shoen, Ito Shoha, and Kajiwara Hisako were Nihonga artists in Kyoto who specialized in bijinga, or paintings of women. This dissertation discusses the lives and art of these three women painters with a particular ...
    • Disappearing acts : making things + making things go away 

      Chernow, Rebecca
      A paper exploring ideas of sculpture as bio-remediator and a hub of communal activity
    • Enantiodromia 

      Mlasowsky, Anna
      Multiplicity and the bridging of opposing realities is a central theme in my work. This multiplicity speaks to a physical disconnection between places as well as to a mental state of disassociation. Through process I enable ...
    • Experience of Place 

      Norsworthy, Sarah K.
      My work in painting, drawing, and sculpture has been informed by an interest in human presence and architecture in the landscape as well as my own experiences of place. I present some of my history leading up to my thesis ...
    • Finding Value & Cutting Up Meaning 

      D'Elia, Kathryn P.
      I am allowing this written thesis to act as an explanation of my concepts and personal journey through the University of Washington's Graduate Drawing and Painting MFA program and through creating my thesis work, a series ...
    • First Principles and Ordinances 

      Groesbeck, Katherine Jeanne
      Garments/fabric are a central theme in my work. Their inherent intimacy and privacy conceals and signifies both the absence/loss and presence of the wearer. In the studio, I investigate in a ritualistic and meditative ...
    • Francesco Furini: "Paintings of Exceeding Beauty" in Seicento Florence 

      Mayer, Jena
      Francesco Furini, one of the most intriguing artists to emerge from Seicento Florence, is primarily remembered for his depictions of the female nude. A discussion of his use of the model and citation of antique sculpture ...
    • From the Ground Down 

      Sweet, Amanda Catherine
      In this thesis I examine concepts of identity, time and space as I have investigated related influences and methodologies within my studio practice, during my time of study at the University of Washington, Seattle’s School ...
    • The identical synthronos Trinity: representation, ritual and power in the Spanish Americas 

      Storey, Ann Elizabeth (1997)
      This dissertation examines the origin and meaning of the Trinity represented as three enthroned (synthronos), identical men. Although banned by the Vatican in 1623 and 1745, it was used in the Spanish Americas until the ...
    • Interdisciplinary Visual Arts 

      Freeman, Joseph Allen
      University of Washington Abstract Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Joseph A. Freeman Jr. Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Chair + Professor Ellen Garvens Photomedia This thesis paper explores the dynamics of how matter ...
    • J. Doe: Placeholders for the Unidentified 

      Mangiaruga, Morgan
      “And since you know you cannot see yourself So well as by reflection, I, your glass, Will modestly discover to yourself That of yourself which you yet know not of.” -Shakespeare How am I reflected in the objects I create? ...

      Adams, Maria Rose
      My thesis project explores the use of carefully orchestrated, patterned paintings depicting domestic interiors with bold, flat, layered planes of color, repeated motifs, and a shallow sense of space. Pattern is everywhere ...
    • Leopoldo Méndez, revolutionary art, and the Mexican print: in service of the people 

      Caplow, Deborah (1999)
      This dissertation situates the Mexican printmaker, Leopoldo Mendez (1902--1969), as a leading member of the Mexican art world of the twentieth century, revealing his central role in Mexican art and politics. His significance ...
    • Living on Death 

      Gress, David
      My work pertains to notions of documentary. The slaughterhouse and events that transpire within constitute the untouched, given center of my work. Within these limits I am free to interpret, recreate and compose such ...
    • Memory, Space and Light 

      Xie, Xinchen
      My thesis project explores ideas of space and light. It relates to my experience of growing up in a big city. Architectural structures play a vital role in the project. I create a personal space that contains memory and ...
    • My Dear Friend, Time 

      Xu, Jing
      University of Washington Abstract My Dear Friend, Time Jing Xu Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Ellen Garvens Photomedia I like thinking that my work instigates performance; it encourages viewers to perform ...
    • Neo-Pre-Raphaelitism: The Final Generations 

      Waterman, Amanda B.
      The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of seven young men who wanted to rebel against the teachings and orthodoxies of the Royal Academy. It was a short-lived movement, beginning in 1848 and ending in the early 1850s, ...
    • Painting and Drawing: Mitigating The Space Between the Internal and External 

      Robertson, Bryan
      The topic of my thesis is about the “extra-relational” characteristics of rhetoric, poetry, and visual arts . Painting from my point of view is a form of natural philosophy with very deep roots extending back to the ...
    • Pastries, Pyramids, Promenading & Percussion: a journey toward alchemistical experiences as creative spirit a.k.a.: SYNKHRA, goddess of music & pie a.k.a.: some sort of hyper-detailed space-age mythology, full of fiber-swallowing girls and sun-kissed divorcees reminding everyone of their mortality 

      Mixan, Coley Marie
      A thesis project employing digital video and sound to expose the ongoing intensities and ruptures experienced in Coley Mixan’s voice and body as a means to dispute (and parody) HER/their culture’s dominant norms and power ...