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      Murley, Abraham
    • Anchurus And His Remedy 

      Coleman, Timothy
      Contrary to the statement by the character Garcin in Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit that other people are Hell; it is in fact other people who offer us a glimpse of Heaven. But if one is to have that peek at paradise ...
    • Between Authority and Pretense 

      Halpine, Clare
      Humor calls into question collectively held truths, whether real or imagined, emergent or engrained. Through costume and studied speech, the performance artist as pundit makes permissible a self to which we may otherwise ...
    • Body and Apparition: Material Presence in Sixteenth-Century Italian Religious Sculpture 

      Giffin, Erin C.
      In early modern church interiors across the Italian peninsula, religious devotees gazed upon, spoke to, and touched sculptural sacred objects. These forms of contact reinforced the sensation of presence and communication ...
    • Breaths of the Ether 

      Xie, Lanxia
      Based on my memories of hazy cityscapes, the sensations of the contradictions in beauty in life, and spatial disorientations and other-worldliness, I have created three works that render blurred, mysterious, ethereal, and ...
    • Building Resonance 

      Gale-Schreck, Benjamin Ralph
      Ben Gale-Schreck April 6th 2016 Abstract My art practice is greatly influenced by my familial relationships. Using sculpture and performance, the interaction between my work and its audience is essential. As a tributary ...
    • Camera Evolution 

      Blalock, John Miles
      Examining the process of evolution by building cameras using the methods of natural selection.
    • Coping with life in the Absurd 

      Mora, Daniela
      This thesis outlines the art practice and ideas of Daniela Mora. Her work investigates the role of audience and art in relation to tourism, cultural practices, and authority. Through the use of video installation, theater, ...
    • deity, humanity and materiality 

      Jin, Ding
      This thesis is about the process of making the art work for the thesis show. It includes the original source of why I chose this subject and how I developed this idea for the work. The source of the idea is form my personal ...
    • Disappearing acts : making things + making things go away 

      Chernow, Rebecca
      A paper exploring ideas of sculpture as bio-remediator and a hub of communal activity
    • Experience of Place 

      Norsworthy, Sarah K.
      My work in painting, drawing, and sculpture has been informed by an interest in human presence and architecture in the landscape as well as my own experiences of place. I present some of my history leading up to my thesis ...
    • Faces of Humanity: Painting Portraits of Immigrant Workers 

      Morales, Selma Arely
      Through the years, immigration to the United States has significantly increased. Immigrants have been drawn to this country by attractive wages and pushed by the poverty in their home countries. Today, immigrant minority ...
    • Finding Value & Cutting Up Meaning 

      D'Elia, Kathryn P.
      I am allowing this written thesis to act as an explanation of my concepts and personal journey through the University of Washington's Graduate Drawing and Painting MFA program and through creating my thesis work, a series ...
    • From the Ground Down 

      Sweet, Amanda Catherine
      In this thesis I examine concepts of identity, time and space as I have investigated related influences and methodologies within my studio practice, during my time of study at the University of Washington, Seattle’s School ...
    • His Story: Reconciling the Old-Young Man 

      Barbor, Peter H.
      The history and mythology of the male form is a central concern to my practice. How it repeats and manifests throughout time fuels my work. Through a menagerie of plastic materials, stories and sculptural motifs, my ...
    • Interlocking Paint and Paint 

      Sklenar, Tarran M
      University of Washington Abstract Interlocking Paint and Paint Tarran Sklenar Chair of Supervisory Committee: Professor Ann Gale Painting and Drawing Through my paintings, I am exploring the materiality of paint and its ...

      Adams, Maria Rose
      My thesis project explores the use of carefully orchestrated, patterned paintings depicting domestic interiors with bold, flat, layered planes of color, repeated motifs, and a shallow sense of space. Pattern is everywhere ...
    • Living Objects 

      Aguilar, Gavriella
      During the last two years I have found new ways to develop and maintain relationships with others through my relationships with objects. Understanding the purpose of the object, the functionality, the way it exists within ...
    • Living on Death 

      Gress, David
      My work pertains to notions of documentary. The slaughterhouse and events that transpire within constitute the untouched, given center of my work. Within these limits I am free to interpret, recreate and compose such ...
    • Lonely Mountains 

      Frankel, Ryna
      This thesis examines cuteness as it relates to care, culture, and manipulation. Using both scientific studies and cultural theories, this thesis aims to understand these elements of cuteness and relate them to the artwork ...