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      body temperature [1]
      Bootstrap; Delta method; Fisheries; MCMC; Stock assessment; Uncertainty [1]
      breeding sites [1]
      Bristol Bay Red king crab; Discounted profit; Ocean acidification; Recruitment; Yield [1]
      Bristol Bay; Alaska; climate change; hydrology; response diversity; salmon; thermal regime [1]
      Bristol Bay; Density-dependence; Fisheries Management; Predation; Sacramento Chinook; Salmon [1]
      Burrowing shrimp; Carbaryl; Cholinesterase; Sturgeon; Washington; Willapa Bay [1]
      California [1]
      carbon; climate change; freshwater; nitrogen; temperature sensitivity; urban ecology [1]
      CASA; Cryopreservation; Marine Teleost; Sablefish; Sperm; Sperm Activation [1]
      catch shares; fisheries economics; fisheries management; marine resource economics [1]
      central place foragers; foraging ecology; habitat analysis; individual-based model; marine; seabirds [1]
      Chinook salmon; diversity; estuary; growth [1]
      Chinook salmon; Evolutionary genetics; Genome mapping; Polyploidy; Population Genomics; Selection and Adaptation [1]
      chum salmon; haploid; linkage mapping; paralog; population genetics; whole genome duplication [1]
      Climate change [2]
      climate change; conservation; freshwater; multiple stressors; non native species; smallmouth bass [1]
      Climate change; Ecology; Fisheries; Life history; Limnology; Phenology [1]
      climate change; management strategy evaluation; recruitment; snow crab; stock assessment [1]
      coalescence; introgression; mitochondria; nuclear introns; phylogenetics; sequence [1]