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      abalone; aggregation; fertilization; intertidal; population growth; spawning [1]
      abundance estimate; acoustic survey; bottom trawl survey; catchability; density dependence [1]
      Abundance estimation; Fish Behavior; Fisheries Survey; Midwater Trawl; Pollock; Selectivity [1]
      Acoustics [3]
      Acoustics, Alaska, fisheries, Bering Sea, cooperative research, cross-validation, depletion, generalized additive model, geostatistics, Leslie depletion model, local depletion, opportunistic, pollock, spatio-temporal, Steller sea lion, Theragra chalcogramma, time series analysis, walleye pollock [1]
      acoustics; bearded seal; Beaufort Sea; Bering Sea; Chukchi Sea; sea ice [1]
      acoustics; fish; groups; information transfer; schooling; walleye pollock [1]
      active acoustics; biological monitoring; extreme value analysis; impact detection; marine renewable energy [1]
      Adaptation; Domestication Selection; Evolutionary Biology; Genomics; RAD Sequencing; Salmon [1]
      Agriculture [1]
      Agriculture economics [1]
      air temperature [1]
      Alaska; climate change; geomorphology; growth; lakes; sockeye salmon [1]
      amphibians; conservation genetics; dryland ecology; landscape genetics; multispecies conservation [1]
      anadromy; char; Dolly Varden; estuary; migration [1]
      anglerfishes; evolution; Lophiiformes; phylogenetics; systematics [1]
      Animal behavior [4]
      animal behavior; foraging and growth; movement; resident fish; resource variation; salmon [1]
      Animal diseases [1]
      animal movement; genetic biomarker; hood canal; hypoxia; management strategy evaluation; nearshore community [1]