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      Acceptance; Bioenergy; Social acceptability; Stakeholder perspectives [1]
      Acetic acid; lignocellulosic biomass; Moorella thermoacetica; water-soluble fraction (hydrolysate) [1]
      Acid neutralizing capacity; Base cation weathering; Cavity-nesting birds; Correlative models; Landscape modeling; Machine learning [1]
      adaptive capacity; climate change; exposure; Pacific Northwest; sensitivity; vulnerability [1]
      Adaptive Management; Castilleja levisecta; Prairies; Rare Species; Restoration; Staged scale restoration [1]
      adaptive management; civic environmental stewardship; mental models; participatory research; urban forest sustainability [1]
      Additionality; Forest Conservation; Frontier; Land Conflict; Madre de Dios; Peru; Policy Design [1]
      Advanced Process Control; Biofuel; Model Predictive Control; Raman spectroscopy [1]
      Advocacy Coalition Framework [1]
      agricultural ditches; best management practices; pacific northwest; riparian shade; water quality; water temperature [1]
      Agriculture [6]
      agriculture; horticulture; parking strips; soil; soil quality; urban [1]
      agroecology; biological control; diversity; generalist; natural enemy; riparian buffer [1]
      Alaska [1]
      Allium sativum; calibration; crop simulation modeling; validation [1]
      Alnus rubra; Community structure; Ectomycorrhiza; Ordination; Soil chemistry; TITAN [1]
      Alpine; Cascades; Chile; Cryptogams; Plant Ecology [1]
      Alternative energy [4]
      Alternative energy; Bioethanol; Biofuels; Life Cycle Assessment; Poplar; Willow [1]
      American crow; conditioned learning; fear extinction; response to dead conspecific; response to dead heterospecific; rock pigeon [1]