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      American crow; conditioned learning; fear extinction; response to dead conspecific; response to dead heterospecific; rock pigeon [1]
      American Indians; Forest Disturbances; Forest Health; Landscape Ecology; Mechanical Silviculture Treatments; Multiple Ownerships [1]
      ammonia; archaea; ecology; oxidizing; soil [1]
      Amphibian; Habitat Conservation; Landscape Use/Planning; Northern Red-legged frog; Rana aurora; Urbanization [1]
      Animal behavior [1]
      Anthropocentrism; Ecocentrism; Endophyte-Assisted Phytoremediation; Risk; Social Acceptability; Values [1]
      Applied Ecology; Native Plants; Puget Sound; Restoration Ecology; Tidal Swamp; Wetland [1]
      Applied mathematics [1]
      aquatic habitat [1]
      arboretum; benefits; constraints; motivations; students; visitation [1]
      ArcGIS [1]
      Argos; North Cascades; PTT; satellite telemetry; wolverine [1]
      Armillaria; FCCS; fire behavior modelling; forest structure; Ponderosa pine; root disease [1]
      Assemblage structure; Coastal riverscape; Distribution; Habitat associations; Mountain whitefish; Resource polymorphism [1]
      Atmospheric sciences [1]
      balsam woolly adelgid; invasive insect; Olympic National Park; remote sensing; subalpine fir; tree mortality [1]
      bank stability; bioengineering; levee; levee stability; levee vegetation; riparian vegetation [1]
      barred owl; competition; old forest; spotted owl; Strix occidentalis caurina; Strix varia [1]
      Bayesian; Functional traits; Intraspecific variation; Mixed model [1]
      Bees; Local-Scale; Pollinators; Residential Gardens; Urban Ecology; Wildlife Gardening [1]