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      biofuel; climate change; ethanol; hybrid poplar; water consumption; water footprint [1]
      biofuels; cellulosic; hydrocarbon; techno-economics [1]
      Biofuels; Family forest owners; Forest residuals; Social marketing [1]
      Biogeochemistry [2]
      Biology [4]
      biomass removal; carbon; forest productivity; nitrogen; soil; vegetation control [1]
      Biomass; Forestry; GIS; Health; Pile; Wildfire [1]
      Bioremediation; Endophyte; Phytoremediation; Poplar; Trichloroethylene [1]
      Biosolids; Compost; Douglas-fir; Metal; Phytochelatins; Soil [1]
      Biosphere Reserve; Dendrochronology; False Rings; Fire History; Tropical Pines; Western Mexico [1]
      bird; El Nino; NDVI; primary productivity; urbanization [1]
      black bear; hunting; non-invasive sampling; North Cascades Ecosystem; Ursus americanus; wilderness [1]
      Black-capped vireo; brown-headed cowbird; habitat use; nesting behavior; parasitism; population dynamics [1]
      boenker; cable; climate; framing; news; nisbet [1]
      business practices; chain of custody; illegal logging; Lacey Act; regulatory leakage; supply chain [1]
      Business Strategy; Commodity Business; Export; Forest Products Marketing; Internationalization; Sawmill Management [1]
      Butterflies; Fire ecology; Prairie; Prescribed fire; Restoration ecology; Spatial analysis [1]
      California Current; California sea lion; Hidden Markov Multi-state modeling; Weaning [1]
      Camera traps; Diversity; Jaguar; Land use change; Las Piedras; Peru [1]
      Canopy ecology; Canopy soils; Ecosystems; Epiphytes; Old-growth forest [1]