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      Carbon; Deep Soil; Douglas-fir Forest; Industrial Forest; Nitrogen [1]
      carbon; forestry; management; monte carlo; washington [1]
      Castilleja; C. hispida; C. levisecta; flower characterisitics; hybridization; pollinators [1]
      catchments; cutthroat; headwater; networks; scale; trout [1]
      channel movement; floodplain hydrology; hydraulic models; LiDAR; riparian forest; wetlands [1]
      Chemical engineering [6]
      Chemistry [1]
      Chiapas; coupled human and natural systems; firewood; forest degradation; Mexico; pinarizacion [1]
      China, Forest Products, Environmental Marketing, Dynamic Capabilities, Forest Certification, Resource-Based View, Market Failures View, NGOs, Policy, Business Performance, Responsible Timber Trade, Illegal Logging, Competitiveness, Export, Environmental Orientation [1]
      Chinese companies; export cost increase; illegal logging; Lacey Act Amendment; sales change [1]
      Cijiawan River; Dam removal; Fish movement; Radio telemetry; stream restoration; Taiwan salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus) [1]
      Climate Analog; Dry forest; Heterogeneity; Resilience; Restoration; Spatial Pattern [1]
      Climate change [5]
      climate change; climate-wildfire-air quality system; imbalanced data; logistic regression; rare events [1]
      climate change; dendrochronology; Douglas-fir; time series analysis; vapor pressure deficit; wavelet analysis [1]
      climate change; Environment changes; Forest; Livelihood; Nepal; Percieved [1]
      climate change; environmental envelope model; Korean peninsula; niche-based model; Pinus densiflora; Random Forest [1]
      climate change; habitat suitability; protected areas; species distribution modeling; terrestrial species [1]
      coarse woody debris [1]