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      climate change; environmental envelope model; Korean peninsula; niche-based model; Pinus densiflora; Random Forest [1]
      climate change; habitat suitability; protected areas; species distribution modeling; terrestrial species [1]
      coarse woody debris [1]
      cointegration; forestry policy; Japanese wood market [1]
      collaboration; coral reefs; ecosystem management; learning networks; marine conservation; social networks [1]
      Columbia River; Colville Tribes; energy; Grand Coulee Dam; Indonesia; Kettle Falls [1]
      Communicative Action; Forest Service; NEPA; Public Involvement [1]
      competition; context dependence; Invasion; lidar; microtopography; seagrass [1]
      competition; diet; eastern gray squirrel; habitat; Washington; western gray squirrel [1]
      composition; eucalyptus; novel ecosystems; richness; rotation; scale [1]
      comprehensive river management plans; resource management coordination; Wild and Scenic Rivers [1]
      Conservation biology [7]
      Consumer Behavior; Focus Theory of Normative Conduct; Food; 'Green' Consumption; Grocery Shopping; Sustainable [1]
      Control; Cytisus scoparius; Pacific Northwest; Plastic mulch; Rubus armeniacus; Solarization [1]
      Cross-case Comparison; Decision Making; Institutional Resistance; Structured Participation; Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI); Volunteer Reporting System [1]
      Deforestation; Indonesia; Modeling; Net Primary Productivity; Remote Sensing; Tropical Forests [1]
      Development; Economic; Far East; Forest; Russia; Sector [1]
      Digital Surface Model; Land Use Land Cover; Object Based Image Analysis; orthophoto; photogrammetry; shoreline [1]
      Douglas-fir; Fertilization; Nondestructive evaluation; Pacific Northwest; Soil parent material; Wood quality [1]
      Douglas-fir; fertilizer; nitrogen; productivity; soil; water [1]