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      AI/AN Alcohol Policy; American Indian College Students; College Student Alcohol; Indian Health; Reservation Policy; Tribal Colleges and Universities [1]
      AI/AN; alcohol; drugs; prevention; substance abuse [1]
      alcohol disorders; brief intervention; patient perceptions; quality of care; veterans [1]
      Alcohol Misuse; Health Care Expenditures; Health Care Quality; Health-Related Quality of Life; Hospital Readmissions; Prevention [1]
      Alcohol Screening; AUDIT-C; Health Care Utilization; Postoperative Complications; Surgery [1]
      alcohol; alcohol screening; brief alcohol intervention; implementation research; number needed to screen; Veterans [1]
      Alcohol; Binge drinking; HIV; MSM; PrEP [1]
      AML; complete remission; survival [1]
      Angola; Cost-Benefit Analysis; HIV/AIDS; Nurse Training [1]
      antagonist therapy; opioid detoxification; opioid withdrawal [1]
      Antidepressants; Chronic medical conditions; Depression care; Medicare [1]
      anxiety; depression; maternal; sociodemographics; stress; work [1]
      Areca; Betel nut; birth outcome; Craving; Health beleif; Pregnancy [1]
      arterial ulcer; diabetic ulcer; Ulcer; venous ulcer; veterans [1]
      Asian American studies [2]
      Asian and Latino Older adults; Family Cohesion; Family Conflict; Late-life Depression; Social Support [1]
      Asian; HIV/AIDS; Immigrant; Religion; Social Networks [2]
      Assessor; Environment; Home; Obesity; Parent [1]
      asthma; cost; funtional outcome; health status; medical expenditure; trends [1]
      Asthma; Pediatrics; Written Asthma Action Plan [1]