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      Accidental Falls; Geriatric Assessment; Physician's Practice Patterns; Practice Guideline as Topic; Risk Assessment [1]
      acculturation; active transportation; immigrants; length of residence; physical activity; vehicle ownership [1]
      acculturation; adolescents; culture; latinas; teen dating violence [3]
      Active Playtime; Exploratory; Mixed Methods; Parent; Preschool [2]
      Acute ischemic stroke [1]
      Adherence; Bias; Comparative Effectiveness; Cost Effectiveness; Instrumental Variable; Mental Health [1]
      adherence; CPAP; race; sleep apnea; sleep duration [1]
      adherence; dialysis; medication [1]
      Adjuvant endocrine therapy; Medication adherence; Qualitative methods; Quantile regression [1]
      adolescent health services; contraception counseling; contraceptive devices; intrauterine devices; qualitative methods [1]
      adolescent; depression; emotional distress; social support; suicide; young adulthood [1]
      Adolescents; American Indian; Health; Obesity; Weight Perception; YRBS [1]
      adolescents; hookah; policy; tobacco; Washington; water pipe [1]
      adoption; cleft lip; cleft palate; mixed methods; qualitative [1]
      Adult education [1]
      Adverse Childhood Experiences; Early Learning; Family; Needs assesment; Parent Survey; Resiliency [1]
      Adverse effects; Crohn's Disease; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Risk communication; ulcerative colitis [1]
      Aged; Alaska Native; Incidence; Parkinsonism; Parkinson's Disease; Prevalence [1]
      Aging [5]
      aging; ambulatory care; dementia; health care delivery; social support [1]