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    • Early Rhode Island as an experiment in democracy 

      Scherlie, Martha (1932)
      The aim of this thesis is to show the development of the demoeracy of early Rhode Island by progressive steps. Through the inspiration of the political and theological views of Roger Williams, Providence was founded. In ...
    • The anti-slavery sentiment of Virginia from 1830-1860 

      Breit, Frederick Emil (1934)
      Slavery, often described as a "peculiar institution", "black evil", and "inhuman practice", offers one of the most interesting and far-reaching studies of early American history. When viewed in its entirety slavery is found ...
    • The Hartford Convention; or, New England opposition to the War of 1812 

      Armstrong, Donald William (1932)
      The War of 1812 was one of the most astounding and paradoxical wars ever engaged in by any country. The United States not only fought on the side of Napoleon, the greatest despot in modern history; but one of the chief ...