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    • Angloamerican loyalties, 1739-1756 

      Wilson, Judith Hamilton (1966)
      Since the beginning of history, loyalty has been an important factor in human affairs. Loyalty to the city- state played a role in the wars between Sparta and Athens in ancient Greece; loyalty to feudal lords formed the ...
    • The development of anti-slavery sentiment among the colonial Pennsylvania Quakers 

      Higbee, Jay Anders (1949)
      The purpose of this paper is to outline the development of anti-slavery sentiment among Colonial Pennsylvania Quakers. A pure chronological treatment of this development would present such a conglomeration of activities ...
    • The scientific interests of Cotton Mather 

      Reeves, Thomas Charles (1961)
      This paper is a probe into the scientific mind of Cotton Mather, one of New England's most illustrious historical figures. As a Puritan clergyman, Cotton Mather was the intellectual focus for a large segment of the Puritan ...