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    • Gift Exchange among States in East Asia during the Eleventh Century 

      Hyun, Jeongwon (2013-11-14)
      In the year of 1005 the Liao and the Song concluded the Shanyuan treaty and it initiated the peace between these two states, which was conditioned to exchange biannual envoy missions: on New Year's day and imperial birthdays. ...
    • Horsemen from the Edge of Empire: The Rise of the Jurchen Coalition 

      Garcia, Chad Daniel (2012-09-13)
      This dissertation examines the formation and rise of the Jurchen Coalition under the leadership of the Anchuhu Wanyan clan during the late 11th and early 12th centuries. The Anchuhu Wanyan utilized their political and ...
    • Palembang in the 1950s: The Making and Unmaking of a Region 

      Yeo, Woonkyung (2013-02-25)
      My dissertation examines complex socioeconomic issues surrounding the postcolonial transition in Indonesia by focusing on the history of Palembang and the discourse of the "region" in 1950s' Indonesia. By examining these ...