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    • Vertical Landscapes: Learning From a Rock Climbing Perspective 

      Murray, Elizabeth
      Within the field of landscape architecture, verticality is predominantly defined as a design tool. The variety of applications for vertical elements within design, and the spatial role they can play is well documented. ...
    • Voices of Impact: Assessing the Felt Impacts of Open-Pit Gold and Copper Mining in British Columbia 

      Barrett, Ilsa
      Salmon bearing river systems connect communities of Southeast Alaska and Northern British Columbia supporting rich ecological diversity throughout the region. The fishing economies, cultural traditions, and identities of ...
    • West Lake Union Traverse 

      Fitch, Andrea Gousen (2013-07-25)
      I am fascinated by one's ability to drift through a space. In an unobstructed environment, water and people flow; people might drift and wander while water takes a more direct route, but both generally follow paths of least ...