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    • Grow, Thrive, Be: Building Healthy Communities and Preserving Culture through Designing Children's Outdoor Play 

      Rockquemore, Angelica (2014-04-30)
      New Zealand is a unique island nation with a history of European colonization overlaying earlier Polynesian settlement which results in unprecedented cultural challenges and opportunities. Confronting issues of urbanization, ...
    • On the Edge 

      Maitland Scheetz, Alison Jane
      Although edges are often dismissed as a simple boundary or fringe aspect of design, their true nature is much more complex and richer. Their power lies in the fact they are neither separators or unifiers, describers of ...
    • Songlines and Groundlines: Music and Landform Shaping Each Other 

      Shaw, Daniel (2012-09-13)
      This thesis examines similarities in music composition and landscape architectural composition, towards establishing a hybrid practice. The thesis considers landscapes and pieces of music to both be "places", as designed ...