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      acoustic phonetics; audio corpus; collaborative conversation; prosody; stance [1]
      Acoustic; Athabaskan; Style; Tone; Voice quality [1]
      Acoustics [1]
      acquisition; clustering; computational; conflation; morphology; unsupervised [1]
      Adjectives; Grammar; Grammar Engineering; Grammar Matrix; Syntax [1]
      Adult education [1]
      adverse drug event; clinical trials; computational linguistics; machine learning; natural languge processing; sentence classification [1]
      agreement detection; disagreement detection; linguistic coordination; multiparty conversations; sentiment analysis [1]
      agreement; computational linguistics; dependency parsing; feature design; morphology; parsing [1]
      annotation; grammar; HPSG; treebank [1]
      Apertium; Fieldworks; linguist-friendly; low-resource; machine translation; transfer-based [1]
      Applied linguistics; Case; Cross-linguistic influence; Korean; L1 effect; Second language acquisition [1]
      Artificial intelligence [1]
      asian american english; korean; korean american english; language attitudes; linguistics; sociophonetics [1]
      Asian studies [1]
      ASR; Distinctive Features; Pronunciation Modeling [1]
      Bilingualism; Film; German; Language attitudes; Turkish [1]
      bipartite negation; Grammar Matrix; HPSG; sentential negation; syntax of negation; typology of negation [1]
      board game rules; computational linguistics; entity extraction; logical system extraction; natural language processing; relation extraction [1]
      Chinese; distributed morphology; Fuzhou; syntax-phonology interface; tone sandhi [1]