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      Chinese; distributed morphology; Fuzhou; syntax-phonology interface; tone sandhi [1]
      chinese; loan adaptation; mongolian; phonology; russian; vowel harmony [1]
      clitics; contrast; corpus; it-cleft; markers; Russian [1]
      Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing [1]
      computational linguistics; second language learning [1]
      Computer engineering [1]
      Computer science [15]
      conditional; context change; counterfactual; Kripke; presupposition; rigid designator [1]
      counterfactual conditionals; impossible antecedent; kakarimusubi; necessary condition; "only if" conditional; rhetorical counterfactuals [1]
      cross domain; domain adaptation; sentence structure; sentiment; sentiment analysis; sentiment classification [1]
      cross-entropy difference; dependency parsing; domain adaptation; instance selection; low-resource languages; perplexity [1]
      cross-linguistic; Grammar Enginnering; HPSG; IGT; Morphology [1]
      data modeling; knowledge representation; linguistics; phonetics; phonology; RDF [1]
      deception detection; machine learning; natural language processing; NLP; online product reviews; stylometry [1]
      deepbank; dependencies; penn treebank [1]
      Education [1]
      Education; Habitus; Heritage language; Language regard; Spanish; Standard Language Ideology [1]
      Educational technology [1]
      emergentism; generativism; poverty of the stimulus; second language acquisition; universal grammar [1]
      ethnicity; Northwest English; pre-velar raising; regional dialects; sociophonetics; Western English [1]