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    • It's Only Morpho-Logical: Modeling Agreement in Cross-Linguistic Dependency Parsing 

      Hohensee, Matthew (2012-08-10)
      I propose a linguistically motivated set of features to model morphological agreement and add them to MSTParser, a graph-based dependency parser (McDonald et al., 2006). Compared to the parser's built-in morphological ...
    • Japanese gapping in minimalist syntax 

      Kato, Kumiko, 1967- (2006)
      This dissertation investigates an elliptical construction called Gapping in Japanese. Gapping is the omission of a predicate in clauses that are conjoined. The study focuses on capturing the correlation between Gapping ...
    • Language attitudes and bilingualism in Turkish-German popular film 

      Kempsell Jacinto, Wendy Christine
      The purpose of this dissertation is to examine attitudes towards Turkish-German language mixing. Lambert (1967), Lippi-Green (1997) and Preston (2010) have shown that stereotypes about groups of people can be expressed ...
    • Language maintenance and shift across generations in Inner Mongolia 

      Puthuval, Sarala
      Language shift happens when a group of people stops using one language in favor of another, such that subsequent generations no longer acquire the original language. Research on the sociolinguistics of language shift has ...
    • Learning Board Game Rules from an Instruction Manual 

      Mills, Chad (2013-07-25)
      Board game rulebooks offer a convenient scenario for extracting a systematic logical structure from a passage of text since the mechanisms by which board game pieces interact must be fully specified in the rulebook and ...
    • Leveraging Training Data from High-Resource Languages to Improve Dependency Parsing for Low-Resource Languages 

      Jaja, Claire
      Dependency parsing is an important natural language processing (NLP) task with many downstream applications, and as is common in the field, high accuracy results can be obtained when using statistical methods and training ...
    • Lexical effects in Japanese vowel reduction 

      Shirai, Setsuko (2005)
      This dissertation reports the results of a study of a vowel reduction in Japanese. Vowel reduction (durational and spectral) has been observed in many languages; however, only a few studies have been conducted research on ...
    • A Linguist-Friendly Machine Translation System for Low-Resource Languages 

      Lockwood, Ronald Milton
      Low-resource languages have largely been left out of the machine translation revolution. Speakers would benefit from machine translation for many different tasks if it were available. Because of insufficient text data, the ...
    • Loanwords, prominence and the basis for Mongolian vowel harmony 

      Puthuval, Sarala (2013-07-25)
      The standard analysis of Modern Mongolian vowel harmony is as rightward spreading of the features [pharyngeal] and [round] starting from the first syllable of the word. Because Mongolian has exclusively suffixing morphology ...
    • Markers of contrast in Russian: A corpus-based study 

      Gracheva, Varya (2013-07-25)
      Markers of contrast in Russian: A corpus-based study
    • A minimalist account of optional wh-movement 

      Denham, Kristin E (1997)
      Wh-movement has been assumed to be a parametrized fact about language, and, thus, whether a language has overt wh-movement or not has been assumed to be invariant within a language. Also, Chomsky's recent Minimalist Program ...
    • Mixed Gender Agreement in Russian DPs 

      King, Katherine E.
      This thesis provides a new account of mixed gender agreement in Russian, incorporating the joint strengths of several previous accounts. Mixed agreement results when some elements in a sentence agree with the grammatical ...
    • New Methods for Detecting Deceptive Product Reviews 

      Kahn, Andrea M.
      With the explosion of online shopping sites, there has been a proliferation of businesses offering to post positive product reviews in exchange for payment. The presence of these deceptive reviews transforms a product's ...
    • An optimality theoretic analysis of Nicaraguan Spanish diminutivization: results of a field survey 

      Miranda, Ine︠s Miranda (1999)
      The goals of the present investigation of diminutive formation in Nicaraguan Spanish were twofold: to collect a solid corpus of data defining a clear pattern of diminutive formation in terms of preference and variability, ...
    • Phonetics and phonology of Unangan (Eastern Aleut) intonation 

      Taff, Alice (1999)
      This dissertation gives the first detailed description of the phonetics and phonology of the intonation system of Unangan (Eastern Aleut), an indigenous Alaskan language. Twelve fluent speakers were recorded giving ...
    • Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon 

      Moran, Steven Paul (2013-04-17)
      In this dissertation, I investigate the linguistic and technological challenges involved in creating a cross-linguistic data set to undertake phonological typology. I then address the question of whether more sophisticated, ...
    • The Phonetics of Stance-taking 

      Freeman, Valerie
      Stance -- attitudes and opinions about the topic of discussion -- has been investigated textually in conversation- and discourse analysis and in computational models, but little work has focused on its acoustic-phonetic ...
    • The Phonetics of Tone in Two Dialects of Dane-zaa (Athabaskan) 

      Miller, Julia Colleen (2013-07-25)
      This dissertation is an investigation of acoustic properties of lexical tone in two dialects of Dane-zaa (Athabaskan). The noteworthy mirror-image tone systems of the H-marked Doig and L-marked Halfway dialects provide a ...
    • Prosody, intelligibility and familiarity in speech perception 

      McCloy, Daniel Robert (2013-07-25)
      This thesis concerns the relationship between speech intelligibility and speech prosody, and the role that speech prosody plays in the perceptual advantage that occurs when listening to a familiar talker. A parallel corpus ...
    • Proto-Mazatec phonology 

      Kirk, Paul Livingston, 1927- (1966)