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    • Um and Uh, and the Expression of Stance in Conversational Speech 

      Le Grezause, Esther Sylviane
      Um and uh are some of the most frequent items in spoken American and British English (Biber et al., 1999). They have been traditionally treated as disfluencies but recent research has focused on their discursive functions ...
    • Unsupervised Morphological Word Clustering 

      Lushtak, Sergei A. (2013-04-17)
      This thesis describes a system which clusters the words of a given lexicon into conflation sets (sets of morphologically related words). The word clustering is based on clustering of suffixes, which, in turn, is based on ...
    • Using Lexical and Compositional Semantics to Improve HPSG Parse Selection 

      Pozen, Zinaida (2013-07-25)
      Accurate parse ranking is essential for deep linguistic processing applications and is one of the classic problems for academic research in NLP. Despite significant advances, there remains a big need for improvement, ...