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    • A Parametric Implementation of Valence-changing Morphology in the LinGO Grammar Matrix 

      Curtis, Christian Michael
      This thesis describes an analysis of valence-changing verbal morphology implemented as a library extending the LinGO Grammar Matrix customization system. This analysis is based on decomposition of these operations into ...
    • Adjectives in the LinGO Grammar Matrix 

      Trimble, Thomas James
      The LinGO Grammar Matrix (Bender et al. 2002, 2010) provides a system for user-linguists to jump start the creation of starter Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar precision grammars (Pollard and Sag 1994), with semantic ...
    • An Evidentiality Library for the LinGO Grammar Matrix 

      Haeger, Michael
      This thesis describes a library extending the LinGO Grammar Matrix to support evidentiality. Evidentiality refers to the linguistic phenomenon where elements of a language’s grammar express the source of information for a ...
    • An analysis of translation divergence patterns using PanLex translation pairs 

      Gola, Francesca (2012-09-13)
      This analysis was performed to understand the patterns of translation divergences occurring in high and low frequency verbs, and to test the hypothesis that high frequency verbs are more prone to translation divergences ...
    • Automated Gloss Mapping for Inferring Grammatical Properties 

      Lockwood, Michael
      This thesis describes a software system that maps glosses from interlinear glossed text (IGT) to an internally consistent set. This study hypothesizes that mapping glosses supports better inference of grammatical properties. ...
    • Automated Grammar Engineering for Verbal Morphology 

      Wax, David Allen (2014-04-30)
      This study examines the cross-linguistic potential for the automatic analysis of verbal morphology and creation of implemented formal grammars using the Grammar Matrix customization system and the rich linguistic resource ...
    • Full Forest Treebanking 

      Packard, Woodley
      In this thesis, I present a new method of producing treebanks using constraint-based grammars. Rather than requiring an explicitly enumerated set of candidate analyses per utterance, my method works from an implicit ...
    • A Grammar Library for Information Structure 

      Song, Sanghoun (2014-04-30)
      This dissertation makes substantial contributions to both the theoretical and computational treatment of information structure, with an eye toward creating natural language processing applications such as multilingual ...
    • Markers of contrast in Russian: A corpus-based study 

      Gracheva, Varya (2013-07-25)
      Markers of contrast in Russian: A corpus-based study
    • The Syntactic Exponence of Sentential Negation: a model for the LinGO Grammar Matrix 

      Crowgey, Joshua David (2013-04-17)
      This thesis presents a revision of the LinGO Grammar Matrix library for sentential negation along with supporting arguments from syntactic and typological literature. A cross-linguistic model of representations in HPSG ...