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    • Array TFS storage for unification grammars 

      Slayden, Glenn C. (2012-09-13)
      Constraint-based grammar formalisms such as Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) model linguistic entities as sets of attribute-value tuples headed by types drawn from a connected multiple-inheritance hierarchy. ...
    • Comparative Analysis of DeepBank and the Penn Treebank 

      Schneider, Megan (2014-02-24)
      I examined the differences between the DeepBank and Penn Treebank and the effect of hand-created and grammar-derived annotations on dependency representations. The dependencies comparison involved transforming the DeepBank ...
    • It's Only Morpho-Logical: Modeling Agreement in Cross-Linguistic Dependency Parsing 

      Hohensee, Matthew (2012-08-10)
      I propose a linguistically motivated set of features to model morphological agreement and add them to MSTParser, a graph-based dependency parser (McDonald et al., 2006). Compared to the parser's built-in morphological ...