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      Aquaculture; Crassostrea gigas; Puget Sound; Social-ecological resilience [1]
      Aquaculture; Economic; Offshore; Political; Regulatory [1]
      aquaculture; geoduck; Q Methodology; social perspectives; sustainability [1]
      Aquaculture; Marine; Planning; Shellfish; Spatial; Washington [1]
      Aquatic sciences [6]
      ArcGIS; Chinook salmon; Columbia River Estuary Ecosystem Classification; Decision-support tool; Fish habitat catena; Landscape Planning Framework [1]
      Archival data; Multivariate statistics; Puget Sound; Rockfish [1]
      Arctic shipping; Bering Strait; climate change; comparison; Northwest Passage; oil pollution [1]
      Arctic; Canada; Ecosystem-based management; Evaluation; Norway; United States [2]
      Arctic; capacity; community; oil; response; spill [1]
      Asian studies [1]
      Bering Sea; conitnental margin; groundfish; spatial analysis; spatial statistics [1]
      Best Practices; BLT Model of Tourism; Ecotourism; Tourist Spectrum; Triple Bottom Line [1]
      blue carbon; climate change; ocean acidification; seagrass; Zostera marina [1]
      bridging organizations; natural resource managment; social network analysis; social science; working groups [1]
      Bristol Bay; environmental flow; Environmental Protection Agency; water policy [2]
      bycatch inititatives; conservation technology; Ecuador; Sharks; turtles; unintended consequences [1]
      Bycatch; Catch Shares; Gulf of Alaska [1]
      California Current System; Indicators; Integrated Ecosystem Assessment; Marine affairs; Pacific Fishery Management Council; Wellbeing [1]
      Canadian studies [1]